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    Disabled people need to be actively involved in the shaping and creation of solutions which address old problems and seek new innovations to future challenges.

    Our committed team understands how to develop practical approaches to living with disability. For over a decade, ecdp has shown how a strong sense of purpose and an instinctive understanding of user needs can create powerful solutions.

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  • Disability Confident Portal

    In the UK alone, the collective annual spend of disabled people is estimated at £80 billion.

    Employing disabled people is not just the right thing to do. It makes business sense, and will enhance your organisation.

    ecdp is here to support you every step of the way.

News update

  • Essex County Council wants to bring together people who get technology, people who use technology and people who don't think technology is for them in order to understand how we can use technology to live better.

    Tuesday 8 March in Chelmsford.

  • ecdp's January e-news has been issued. 

  • At ecdp we know that our members and service users are vital to the success of our organisation and your feedback helps to inform our organisational strategy, so we can plan our future direction in 2016 and beyond.

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