Informal advice on Personal Health Budgets

ecdp provides informal information, advice, guidance and signposting on Personal Health Budgets for PHB users 

Quality advice based on experience

ecdp is a user lead organisation and we are committed to ensuring that people with experience of disability and long-term health conditions have access to good quality information about the health opportunities that may be available to them.

Making an informed decision

Andy Crowe from our Insight team provides informal information, advice, guidance and support in relation to Personal Health Budgets. This service supports potential users or their family members to understand a bit more about Personal Health Budgets, and make an informed decision about formally requesting one from the NHS.

You must be referred to ecdp to access our formal Personal Health Budget service

Please note: In order to access our Personal Health Budget service, you must be referred to ecdp by a clinician associated with a Clinical Commissioning Group (e.g. a District Nurse). We cannot accept self-referrals but we can provide general information and advise you on the correct process that you need to follow. We can also support you to express an interest in Personal Health Budgets to your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Contact us for further information

To access our informal Personal Health Budget advice service, please contact Andy by email or phone him on 01245 392 300.

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