Future Focus

Future Focus was an ecdp project gathering the views of young disabled people in Essex

Photo of Future Focus group participants

What we did

In January and February 2014 ecdp delivered a series of Future Focus events to discover the experiences and opinions of young disabled people in Essex. We also engaged with people online. We were funded and supported by Healthwatch Essex for this work.

Who attended?

We met, listened and consulted 44 people who identified themselves as a young person experiencing disability in Essex.  We consulted a further 17 young disabled people through a follow-up online survey via social media.

Louise Hunt, a Tennis Paralympian and Office for Disability Issues Young Ambassador attended these events. Louise shared her experiences and expertise with the groups and helped collect valuable insight.

What we found

Five main themes emerged from the feedback given to ecdp during the Future Focus project:

  1. Access is still unsatisfactory for many young people who experience disability
  2. Attitudes and perceptions towards disability still need to be more positive
  3. Most young people have a desire to work, but more needs to be done to support young disabled people to find work
  4. There is a need for more accessible sports and social activities
  5. Experiences of health care services remain extremely mixed

Future Focus. Engaging tomorrrow's leaders in today's policy

Our report, detailing the research findings from the Future Focus project, is out now.

Read Future Focus. Engaging tomorrow's leaders in today's policy report (PDF Version)

Read Future Focus. Engaging tomorrow's leaders in today's policy report (Word Version)

Read Future Focus. Engaging tomorrow's leaders in today's policy Easy Read summary (PDF Version)

ecdp will now ensure that the Future Focus research helps to shape services available to young people inEssex.


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