ecdp Works in the beginning - Cycle 1, day 3

Throughout the previous two days of training the group have been working together on building their confidence and various other skills to prepare them for their placements. Meeting their employers was part of this process and this afternoon the group met at the Essex Records Office to discuss how it went.

The ecdp Works participants talked about how they felt this morning, preparing to go to their workplaces and meet their employers. Unsurprisingly they were both nervous and excited, though for some the biggest concern was whether or not to wear a tie!

The success of ecdp Works relies on the 16 employers who are providing the placements in a range of roles across Essex. After meeting their employers, everyone felt very positive about starting their roles next week. Rachel worked with the group to think about ‘wheels of support’, a picture of the wheel on of the group created can be seen below.

Tomorrow, we are welcoming Oli and Ruth from MITIE back to ecdp to continue the training week.

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