Election Manifestos 2015

This is a selected list of proposals, which affect disabled people, taken from the relevant manifesto.

Conservative Party Manifesto

Read Conservative's full manifesto.

  • Freeze working age benefits for two years from April 2016, with exemptions for disability and pensioner benefits.
  • Lower the benefits cap from £26,000 to £23,000, but continue to have exemptions from the cap for those receiving Disability Living Allowance or the Personal Independent Payment.
  • Guarantee that you will not have to sell your home to fund your residential social care.
  • Increase support for fulltime unpaid carers.
  • Review hate crime legislation, including the case for extending the scope of the law to cover crimes committed against people on the basis of disability.
  • Scrap the Human Rights Act, and introduce a British Bill of Rights. The Bill will remain faithful to the basic principles of human rights, which the UK signed up to in the original European Convention on Human Rights.
  • Break the formal link between British courts and the European Court of Human Rights, and make the own Supreme Court the ultimate arbiter of human rights matters in the UK.
  • Aim to halve the disability employment gap by transforming policy, practice and public attitudes, so that hundreds of thousands more disabled people who can and want to be in work find employment.


Green Party Manifesto

Read Green's full manifesto.

  • Support the principles of, and enforce the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • End the pernicious system whereby an external contractor assesses whether people are fit for work and return to the system of relying on the judgement of GPs or other health professionals.
  • Increase the budget for Disability Living Allowance / Personal Independence Paymnets by £1billion a year.
  • Retain the Independent Living Fund, which enables over 18,000 severly disabled people to stay in their home instead of being in residential care, costing around £300 million a year.
  • Provide a further £0.5 billion for free social care for adults aged 18-65 who have a proven care need.
  • Increase the Carers Allowance by 50%, costing £1.2 billion a year (6.5 million carers save the state £119 billion), and provide carers with a legal right to 5-10 days paid annual leave.
  • Raise the profile of the Access to Work scheme among smaller firms and under-served disabled people, with far greater transparency over how the sceme is administered.
  • Provide older carers with more generous and consistent support through a Citizens Pension.
  • Integrate health and care services so as to look after carers as well as those they care for.
  • Recognise the rights of children who are disabled, and their families, in education, in the transition to adult life, in childcare, in healthcare and in the benefits system.
  • Recognise fully the housing needs of people who are disabled, including support with planning and obtaining housing.

Labour Party Manifeso

Read Labour's full manifesto.

  • Abolish the bedroom tax.
  • Reform the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and focus it on the support disabled people need to get into work.
  • Give an independent scrutiny group of disabled people a central role in monitoring the WCA.
  • Give disabled people an entitlement to a personal care plan designed with them and shaped around their needs, the option of personal budgets where appropriate, and a single named person to coordinate their care.
  • Provide better information and advice on managing a disabled person’s condition.
  • Recognises the Human Rights Act as a powerful means of redress for disabled people and is committed to keeping it.  
  • Aim to reform, rather than ‘walk away’ from, the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Introduce a specialist support programme to ensure that disabled people who can work get more tailored help.
  • Billions of pounds of social security spending will be devolved to Scotland, including benefits that support disabled people.
  • The Work Programme will also be devolved along with a greater ability to invest in capital projects.

 Liberal Democrat Party Manifesto

Read Liberal Democrat's full manifesto.

  •  Making more stations wheelchair accessible and giving wheelchair users priority over children’s buggies when space is limited.
  • Bringing into effect the provisions of the 2010 Equality Act on discrimination by private hire vehicles and taxis.
  • Improving the legislative framework governing Blue Badges.
  • Improving wheelchair access to improve accessibility of public transport for people with other disabilities, including visual and auditory impairment.
  • Setting up a benchmarking standard for accessible cities.
  • Reform the bedroom tax so that existing social tenants will not be subject to any housing benefit reduction until they have been offered reasonable alternative accommodation. Tenants who need an extra bedroom for genuine medical reasons are entitled to one in any assessment of their Housing Benefit needs, and those whose homes are substantially adapted do not have their Housing Benefit reduced.
  • Review of the Work Capability Assessment and Personal Independence Payment assessments
  • Review the rules for exemption from prescription charges to ensure they are fair to those with long-term conditions and disabilities.
  • Improve the benefits system for disabled people, based on the principle of one assessment, one budget. This will bring together support like Personal Independence Payment, Employment Support Allowance, a replacement for the Independent Living Fund and health and social care entitlements.
  • Invest to clear any backlog in assessments for Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment.

UKIP Party Manifesto

Read UKIP's full manifesto.

  • Recognises that there will always be disabled people who are unable to work and we are committed to supporting them through a fair and fit-for-purpose welfare system.
  • Scrap the bedroom tax.
  • End Work Capability Assessments and return assessments to GPs or appropriate specialist consultants.
  • Require GPs/specialists to notify the Department for Work and Pensions when they believe a patient is well enough to return to work, by issuing a ‘fit note’
  • Remove ‘tick-box’ and quota arrangements from sickness and disability assessments, thereby streamlining and speeding up the assessment processes and continually respecting claimants throughout the process.
  • Contribute to the important work done by food banks and develop them into community advice centres for those most in need.
  • Keep free bus passes, winter fuel allowances, free TV licenses for the over 75s and free prescriptions and eye tests for the over-60s, without means testing.
  • Endorses the right of disabled people to access in home, residential and community support services and support their inclusion in our communities.
  • Bring health and social care together, under the control of the NHS.
  • Establish a Sovereign Wealth Fund from any tax revenue received from shale oil and gas exploration, to fully implement the Dilnot Commission recommendations.

SNP Party Manifesto

Read SNP's full manifesto.

  • Block plans to cut Disability Living Allowance by £3 billion across the UK by 2017-18. Scotland’s share of that cut is around £310 million per year.
  • Scrap the bedroom tax.
  • Support an increase in Carer’s Allowance so that it matches Jobseekers' Allowance.

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