ecdp Works in the beginning - Cycle 1, day 4

This morning we welcomed back Oli and Ruth from MITIE to continue our ecdp Works training. They started the day asking the ecdp Works participants to recap their week so far. The group could choose any way to do this, but they were asked to be as creative as possible!

Here are some of the pictures the group drew, but the winning entry was a poem (the ecdp Works celebration of world poetry day!) as read by Kimberley in the video below. 

For the rest of the morning we talked about fish - more specifically, the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market, where a group of fishmongers working in a cold, damp and smelly market decided to become world famous and in doing so, made their job more enjoyable for themselves and their customers.

The Pike Place Fish Market has four principles which have transformed their workplace:

  • Play
  • Make their day
  • Choose your attitude
  • Being there

We talked about the ways we can apply these principles (without throwing fish around!) in each of our workplaces. Ruth gave each ecdp Works participants a fish to remind them of the market, and the four principles above.

This afternoon we undertook a team building challenge, using jelly babies and spaghetti…

We were challenged to build the tallest, sturdiest tower we could using only the jelly babies and the spaghetti.

Each group had a different approach and afterwards we discussed what made these teams work and what could make them stronger. For example, some teams rushed in without planning, where others spent too long planning. The teams which worked best were the ones which included people with a range of skills (like in the teamwork triangle). 

Following this we answered four questions which were designed to tell us about our personality types.

We waved Oli and Ruth off after a game of Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Tomorrow is the final day of the ecdp Works training week. On Monday the ecdp Works participants will be starting their placements in workplaces across Essex, where we will continue to follow their progress.

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