ecdp Works in the beginning - Cycle 1, day 5

Next week, the ecdp Works participants will be heading to their places of work, where they will be for the next 6 weeks. In order to prepare for this, we started this morning by talking about things the ecdp Works participants need to think about on Monday morning. For example, how they will get there, what time they need to be in the office and what they need to wear. On Wednesday the ecdp Works participants had all visited the places they were going to be working and met their colleagues, which helped with making these preparations.

At lunch time we were joined by the BBC radio DJ, Dave Monk. Dave has been following ecdp Works since it started and wanted to meet some of the participants, who he interviewed. We hope to welcome Dave back in the coming weeks, so he can update listeners on the progress of the ecdp Works participants.

In the final sessions we looked at visible and hidden impairments and how these can be perceived by those around us. We used this to reflect on how we want to be perceived and how we challenge some of the stereotype we have been affected by. We also discussed some of the support available to us to overcome workplace barriers.

ecdp staff shared their experiences of disability in the workplace and how they had thought about (and had to rethink) work as a result of this.

To end the day, ecdp’s CEO, Mike Adams, ran an inspirational session about leadership, based on his own experiences.

With the first week of ecdp Works completed, we all reflected on how well it had gone.

I thought I was just going to be working in an office, but you have made me realise today that I will be making a difference.

ecdp Works participants

I feel blown away by everything I’ve experienced this week… I’m totally inspired.

ecdp Work participants

We will continue to update the ecdp Works blog page each week. See for these updates.

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