GovJamSX is part of a global event which applies tools and techniques of service design to the world of government and the public sector.  Working around a common theme, small teams meet at multiple locations to prototype innovative approaches to challenges faced by the public sector.  At the end of the two days the results are uploaded and published for the world.

GovJamSX is a chance to learn.  Your team will collaborate rapidly in designing and testing solutions to public problems. You’ll get more than great new ideas and service design methods: by the end of the event you will have the experience of co-creating a fully working prototype.

  • Wednesday 10 June, 9am to 9pm: We discover a global theme which is kept secret until jams all over the world have seen it. We then split into teams and work together to design and prototype new services inspired by the theme
  • Thursday 11 June, 9am to 5pm: More testing and making up to 3pm when everyone shows what they’ve made and shares their work online with a Creative Commons License

GovJamSX is open to everybody who is interested in the public services, and who wants to add their own ideas and perspectives while enjoying themselves and learning more about how the world works. We aim to bring together people working in local government, the NHS and other public sector organisations as well as local citizens and businesses. What they all have in common is a curiosity to try new ways of working together around public sector opportunities and issues. Both individuals and organisations can join – you do not need experience of government or the public sector.

A Jam is a cooperative gathering of people interested in improving and innovating.  It is there to encourage experimentation, new ideas, and new contacts – participants come together without a team, without a concrete idea and are given a common theme to incorporate in their innovation. They build spontaneous teams around ideas and work to develop and prototype their idea as far as possible in the timeframe of the Jam.

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