Access Healthcare Hackathon London 19th and 20th September

On 19 & 20 September, Barclays is joining forces with designers and hackers to run the first ‘Access Healthcare Hackathon’.

The aim is to create a one stop solution for people with disabilities who are struggling to get to grips with the new system of NHS personal health budgets.

Since April 2014, everyone who receives NHS continuing healthcare funding has a right to request a personal health budget rather than receiving commissioned services. For many people however, the lack of readily available information and complex nature of decisions can make the process frustrating. Furthermore, physical impairments can make it difficult for people with disabilities to administrate their budgets, find the right service online, get recommendations, give feedback and make payments.

Barclays has teamed up with ecdp to create an innovative platform that enables individuals to find and manage their services, and which enables support planners to share, facilitate and understand the lived experiences of their members. In collaboration with Accenture and the XDs (Experience Design Group), we will run a series of workshops to understand the needs of disabled people affected by the personal health budgets and develop a one-stop solution.

On 19th & 20th September 2015, six teams, including some of the best product designers, coders, analysts and creatives will take part in our 48 hour hackathon, competing to identify and deliver the best solution.

Making camp on the 6th floor of Foyles Bookshop (Charing Cross Road, London), the teams will engage in developing better user journeys, building apps, probing engagement protocols, and utilising the latest encryption technology, speech recognition, user interface designs and much more. At all times, a team of end-users will challenge them, test the ideas and help to improve their solutions. The best solution will be selected by a senior panel of Board members from Barclays, ecdp and leading experts from industry. Barclays will seek to develop the winning solution, which will be field tested with the partner organisations.

The goal is to create a tool that radically changes the way disabled people can interact with large institutions such as banks and the NHS. Hackathon Judges:

  • Ashok Vaswani – Chief Executive, Personal and Corporate Banking, Barclays
  • Suresh Viswanathan – Chief Operating Officer, Personal and Corporate Banking, Barclays
  • Pete Crouch – COO, Chief of Staff, Personal and Corporate Banking, Barclays
  • Patrick Slattery – Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services
  • Mike Adams – Chief Executive, ecdp 
  • Dr Alice Maynard – Experienced Non Executive Director having worked since the early ‘90s as a Trustee of several Charities and a member of two Housing Association Committees. Alice was Chair of Scope for 6 years.

The hackathon is complemented by a panel discussion with leading designers Alex Grünsteidl (Method), Priya Prakash (Design for Social Change) and author Paul Jackson on Saturday 19 September, 6.30-9pm in the hack arena. The event is presented by the XDs and open to the wider public.

A detailed press release is attached with further information and contacts for the event.

AccessHealthcare Hackathon Barclays Accenture ecdp Press release Final 2015 09 014.pdf

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