Medal winning success for ecdp client

Daniel McGauley from Colchester has faced many health issues during his young life. He was born with a serious heart condition, which required major surgery and as a child he spent a lot of time in hospital with heart failure.

Daniel’s parents always told his medical team that if they fought to repair his heart, he would fight to live. When Daniel started school he was still unwell and he also became withdrawn and lost his speech. He was then diagnosed with autism. He also suffers from eczema and has had extensive surgery on his hearing. He found it very difficult to walk, especially up and down stairs, so was a wheelchair user for a number of years.

His parents tried everything to build up his strength and eventually his family decided to use his Personal Budget from Essex County Council (ECC) to join a gym, to improve his fitness and get him involved in the local community. Daniel soon began to shine. He lost weight, built up his cardiovascular system and immensely improved his health and socialisation. He yearned to get down to the weight lifting parts of the gym, but his family thought it would put too much strain on his heart. However, through determination, he eventually began weight lifting, and on one occasion his consultant said," Whatever you are doing with him, Keep it up!".

Daniel has gone from strength to strength and has developed a major passion for weightlifting. He still has problems with his hearing and his concentration is very limited, so a great deal of his training is spent repeating the signals from the referees, the commands to lift, rack, and push, all of which are extremely important in his sport. One missed signal or command can make his lift a failure.

Daniel now takes part in many competitions and his dedication makes him compete to the best of his ability. He gets maximum respect from all the other members of his gym, including world champions and he comes into his own when on the platform supported by the roar of the crowd. Above all he loves the white light which signals a Good Lift. To date he has entered five power lifting competitions, and has won two golds and three silver medals. He is now looking towards the future and the opportunity to compete alongside able-bodied athletes at the Commonwealth Powerlifting and Benchpress Championships in Vancouver in December 2015. He is looking for sponsorship to help follow his dream.

If you are able to help support Daniel achieve his ambitions, please visit his Go Fund Me or Just Giving web pages.

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