ecdp is supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week 10th - 17th October

During the week a number of politicians, police services, councils and community organisations will host a variety of hate crime awareness events to encourage as many people to work together in line with the Government’s National Hate Crime Strategy “Challenge it, Report it, Stop it” which has three core objectives;

1) To prevent hate crime.

2) To encourage reporting and signpost people to support.

3) To improve operational response to hate crime.

Cindy Peacock attends the local Strategic Hate Crime Group on behalf of ecdp. This group is a partnership which aims to develop a strategic framework and work programme to identify issues and possible solutions. The most recent meeting discussed what information should be included in the work programme and how it should be collated.  For example, the promotion of the HIRC/HCA programme which has the aim of preventing hate crime in schools and addresses issues with access to support for victims of hate crime.

For more information on Hate Crime, see the Stop Hate UK web site

For more information on National Hate Crime Awareness Week, please see the #NHCAW web site


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