The Chelmsford Advice Partnership - Online Survey

The Chelmsford Advice Partnership (CAP) is a partnership between four charities in Essex: ecdp, Chelmsford Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Chelmsford and Colchester YMCA (YMCA) and Age UK Essex.

These charities have come together to explore future models of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), with a view to transforming the design and delivery of advisory-related services and they need your help to complete an online survey about a new product. 

Together, the charity partners have developed a potential new information, advice and guidance product which they have named ‘Prosper'. 'Prosper' is trying to transform the design and delivery of advisory-related services and aims to offer a more personalised and empowering form of advice. It should enable users to plan their current and future care and support needs in the pursuit of independent living and wellbeing – allowing them to “Prosper”.

CAP needs your help to complete an online survey to support this. Many respondents to this survey might be interested in the services 'Prosper' offers, either for themselves or for someone they know. We know that your thoughts are very important - by answering this brief survey (only 5 questions!) you’ll be helping us to capture a good cross-section of initial reactions, which will feed into our process of making 'Prosper' design as good as possible. This in turn will ensure that 'Prosper' is as useful as possible, to as many people as possible.

You can access the survey here:

Your survey response will be completely anonymous. Thank you for participating!





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