ecdp response to March Budget announcement

ecdp urges the government to involve disabled people in the decision making process around this week’s proposed changes to disability benefits.

In a response to the proposed changes to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) announced in last week’s Budget, the Essex disability charity, ecdp, is asking the government to ensure that disabled people are not disproportionately disadvantaged by any wider cuts in public finances.


On the face of it, it appears that the proposed changes to PIP will have a negative impact on some of our existing clients whose support needs have not changed. We acknowledge that it is important for the needs of individuals to be accurately assessed, but the process and the results of any assessments must take into account the full additional costs of being disabled.

ecdp is seeking assurances from government that the proposed changes are fair and transparent. As a disability organisation we urge the decision makers and those responsible for carrying out the assessments, to ensure that disabled people are fully involved in the process in order to ensure the credibility of any changes.  

Mike Adams OBE, CEO of ecdp says:

“As a disability charity with more than 20 years’ experience of working with disabled people living in Essex and beyond, we understand the anxiety that has resulted from this week’s announced proposed changes to disability benefits. Any changes to systems of support that affect disabled people’s lives must be fair and transparent and the only way to guarantee this is to involve disabled people in the decision making process. Our extensive experience has shown that when disabled people are fully involved, the process will inevitably be stronger” 

Read the full press release ecdp press release response to 2016 Budget proposals FINAL.pdf

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