ecdp produces pooling funds guidance tool

ecdp, in coproduction with Essex County Council and Direct Payment Users in Essex, has produced a guidance tool to assist residents who require care or support and wish to pool some or all of their funds with others.


Pooling funds enables people to share the cost of care and support services and can allow common needs and goals to be met more effectively.


The guide provides information and advice on how to go about pooling funds with others, whether they are in the form of a direct payment or people’s own funds.


It includes how to access a variety of funding streams, how to find someone to pool with and how to set up a pooling agreement. The guide also includes information about how to end the arrangement.


Throughout the guide there are also examples and success stories which show how well this approach works for people with different support needs and different aspirations.


To read the pooling funds guidance please click here. The guidance is also available in Easy Read.

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