Law Commission consults on extending hate crime legislation

The Law Commission of England and Wales is consulting on whether hate crime legislation should be extended.

This project came to the Law Commission by a reference from the Ministry of Justice following the Government’s publication of its three-year hate crime action plan in 2012.  The Commission will be looking at:

(a) extending the aggravated offences in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to include where hostility is demonstrated towards people on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation or gender identity;

(b) the case for extending the stirring up of hatred offences under the Public Order Act 1986 to include stirring up of hatred on the grounds of disability or gender identity.

The Commission is also examining the current sentencing regime of cases where hostility is established, as this already applies to all five groups and involves similar elements to the aggravated offences (though it is applicable to a wider group of offences). 

The consultation period ends on 27 September 2013.  Responses can be submitted using this form: and can be sent to the Commission as follows:

by email to
by post to Criminal Law Team, Law Commission, Steel House, 11 Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9LJ

The Consultation Paper and other useful documents can be downloaded by using the links below:

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