'Who Will Care?' Commission launches report to prevent crisis in health and social care in Essex

Returning the ownership of health and care to individuals and families will be crucial if the state is to avoid a grave crisis in the system, according to the work of an independent commission working in Essex.


The ‘Who Will Care?’ Commission has talked with patients, practitioners, local authorities and health bodies across Essex, Southend and Thurrock to develop a set of recommendations which will be relevant across the country.

The Commission reports that key successes – better identification of needs including self-identification, seamless care and support, reducing dependence on the state by returning “ownership” of people’s care back to them and better value for money – could be achieved by adopting five key recommendations:
•    Agree a new understanding between the public sector and the people of Essex – by being up-front and honest about the realities, responsibilities and costs of care.
•    Prevent unnecessary crises in care – by changing the focus of care from treating disease and chronic conditions to supporting individuals earlier.
•    Mobilise community resources – by acknowledging that local approaches and local understanding can deliver care, support, value, and greater independence.
•    Use data and technology to the advantage of the people of Essex – by adopting tools and techniques that better support independent living, self-care, and co-ordination and give more convenient access to good advice.
•    Ensure clear leadership, vision and accountability – by bringing together key partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver co-ordinated, and convenient care for us all.

The Commission, called into being by Essex County Council, has been taking evidence from the people of Essex since January. Its final report sets out a roadmap to a better care system for all.

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