George Osborne reveals 'Help to Work'

In his speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, the Chancellor George Osborne will unveil the full requirements of a £300m-a-year Help to Work programme starting next April. It will impose the most stringent conditions ever on the long-term unemployed as Mr Osborne pledges to end the option of “signing on as usual”.

At ecdp, we believe that maximizing the potential of individual disabled people is the way to address the existing employment situation, and its knock-on effect in terms of the benefit system. People need effective, tailored employment support and more employers need to recognise the enormous value people who experience disability bring to the work place.

Today, our third cycle of the ecdp Works programme (formerly known as Essex Unite) launched at ecdp, with participants coming together to begin their training week. In our experience, disabled people want to work. That is why we run programmes such as ecdp Works, to match disabled people to the right employer so that they can gain meaningful work experience.

ecdp Works provides personalised support to disabled people in Essex, so that they can realise their ambitions.  Over 50% of participants are achieving employment outcomes. Work experience and training are important elements and form part of our programme. However society also needs to recognise and respond to the individuality and diversity of people who experience disability.

Do you believe that Help to Work is a good idea? How do you think it will affect disabled people?

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