All we want for Christmas is your email address

If you're a client of ecdp or a supplier, then you could help us enhance the lives of disabled people this festive season

All you need to do is donate your email address by sending your name, your relationship to ecdp (and your company if relevant) to from your current email account.  

You will be helping us to save time and cut down on processing costs. Your email address will save as much as £1.00 per remittance or monthly statement sent, and, as a non-profit organisation, all our savings go back into supporting disabled people. We will send you a festive ecdp ecard in return for your email address.

We can assure you that none of your details will be given to any third party organisations.

Make it a merry Christmas for us at ecdp, send us your email address and receive a festive ecdp ecard

Send your email address to 


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