Do you volunteer with ecdp? Have your say!

We at ecdp wanted to come up with a way to thank and reward our volunteers for all their exemplary work

We are exploring the possibility of becoming a registered centre with ASDAN, who are an organisation that offer a wide range of specialist qualifications. One of these is the Community Volunteering Qualification (CVQ), which recognises and rewards volunteers for their contributions to their community.

There are no specific entry requirements, just that candidates must be aged over 14. There is a wide range of units available. Each is credit rated, where one credit equates to 10 hours notional learning time.

During the course, candidates produce a portfolio of evidence of their volunteering activities. This is internally assessed, then externally moderated. Candidates must achieve 6 credits (60 hours) to gain the full award at levels 1 and 2, and 8 credits for level 3.

ecdp will cover all the registration costs. Registering to be a centre will take time and work, so we want to ask our dedicated volunteers if you would value a qualification. 

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