Regional DPULO Conference

ecdp and the Office for Disability Issues welcomed all Disabled People’s User Led Organisations (DPULOs) to the Eastern Region DPULO Conference

On 16 January, ecdp and the Office for Disability Issues welcomed several DPULOs to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Stansted. The agenda covered a range of topics which impact DPULOs, including:

  • How DPULOs harness lived experience and use it to influence policy
  • How DPULOs can demonstrate they are best placed to secure contracts and funding
  • How DPULOs can work collaboratively to deliver more
  • How we are going to work together in the future

This was an opportunity for Disabled People’s User Led Organisations to share skills and best practice as well as to support the delivery of better outcomes for disabled people. It was also a chance to learn more about how organisations can work together in the region and how they can communicate with Government.

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