What are your experiences of having a personal budget?

We are conducting a survey to find out how personal budgets are working for people in Essex and would like your help

If you receive your social care money in a personal budget from Essex County Council, we may contact you to offer you the chance to participate in our survey. This is an opportunity for you to provide confidential feedback about your experience of receiving a personal budget (or supporting someone who receives a personal budget).

This survey is being carried out by ecdp using questions designed by the charity In Control and Lancaster University. The results will help show how personal budgets are working and will be included in a report to support Essex County Council to make improvements to the service provided in Essex. The information you give us will also be used in a national report to help improve the way things are done for other people in England.

Between now and June, we want to survey 500 personal budget users to find out about their experiences. The survey will be completely anonymous and will not affect your individual service. You can choose not to take part if you don’t want to.

We hope you will help us collect valuable feedback that can improve everyone’s experience of personal budgets.

Find out more

Call 01564 821 650

If you have any questions about the survey

Call 01245 214025

If you have questions about your personal social care service you should contact Essex County Council directly

Call 0845 603 7630

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