ecdp lead the way in Personal Health Budgets for local people

People in West Essex who get funding from the NHS for their continuing healthcare will now have a greater say in how that money is spent

From 01 April 2014, everyone eligible for on-going treatment and support for a complex medical condition has the right to ask for a personal health budget. That includes the option of asking for direct payments to be made to them, or someone who looks after them. Then, with the help of ecdp professionals in putting together an individual care plan, each person can choose how to use their allocated budget for a tailored package of health services.

The patient will be able to access a range of help that is appropriate to them and their condition - such as clinical treatments, therapies, personal care and equipment – from NHS, private and voluntary sector providers. Or the personal healthcare budget can carry on funding the healthcare and support that is already working well for them, if they don't want to make changes.

ecdp is working in partnership with NHS to help introduce the new approach. ecdp has a pioneering track record in supporting disabled people at local, regional and national levels and has worked with a number of local authorities to help people to manage direct payments.

William Snagge, Director of Policy and Development, ecdp, said: ‘Putting disabled people at the heart of their care planning is essential to achieve the best outcomes. As a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation, we recognise that the individual is the expert in how a health condition affects his or her life. Personal Health Budgets offer the opportunity for people to work in partnership with the NHS on how their health needs can best be met. ecdp are here to support people every step of the way.’

In partnership with NHS, ecdp is delivering Personal Health Budget services for people living across Essex and Hertfordshire.

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