Networking in Employment

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 13:24 -- lmay

photo of Rachel and Dennis Preston, Director of Anagram.JPGAlongside ecdp Works Project Manager Rachel Vipond, we are lucky to have experts visiting our offices this week, to guide ecdp Works participants in the skills needed for the world of work. 

One of these people is Dennis Preston, a professional coach and mentor from Hertford. He has worked as a management consultant for fifteen years. Dennis is a music lover, and alongside ecdp, he volunteers at his local Oxfam shop, looking after and often listening to their vinyl record collection.

In his coaching and mentoring role Dennis has often liaised with company executives, but his work with ecdp is part of a change he made to engage with people aiming to enter or re-enter the labour market. This is Dennis’ second year with ecdp Works, helping to build the networking skills of the participants. In fact, Dennis and Rachel are an example of how great networking can lead to future opportunities.

Networking is a really important skill to learn for the participants on our ecdp Works programme, because it can allow people to expand their contacts, and help them find opportunities for further employment. One of the ideas Dennis shared is his knowledge of the ‘snapshot’. The idea is for the participants to introduce themselves and their skills and quickly as possible. Under thirty seconds is the aim!

Hopefully learning these skills will help our participants flourish in the workplace, and build connections which will give them the tools to look for permanent employment.

Dennis told us that helping with ecdp Works is a really refreshing experience for him. He’s experienced an impairment himself, and has since scaled down the intensity of his full-time occupation . However, he still loves coming into ecdp Works, simply because of the positive attitude of our participants.

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