Fish! Training from Mitie

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 08:44 -- lmay

By Laura Dunn, Insight Project Support Officer at ecdp

Photo of Laura Dunn, ecdp staff member

On Thursday 03 July two Mitie representatives returned to ecdp to contribute to the training.

I sat in on the morning session, as Ollie Dear and Ana Canabarro returned to build on the activities they led on communication, and other sessions throughout the week.

We first reviewed the week so far and talked about our highlights of the week.

Highlights included meeting each other, meeting the employer, having the support from ecdp, and a very good lunch!

We then started an activity named ‘FISH!’

Photo of the Fish presentation by Mitie

Participants began by watching a short 15 minute ‘FISH!’ film which introduced the ‘FISH!’ principles.This was based on the fish throwing activities of stall holders at Seattle’s world famous Pike Place Market.

The Principles are:

  1. Play
  2. Make Their Day
  3. Be There
  4. Choose Your Attitude

Each table were then given a different principle and asked to think about what things in a workplace could relate to that principle.

For ‘Play’ the group came up with:Having fun with the customer and involving the customer whilst maintaining professional.

To ‘Make Their Day’, the group said:Compliment customers, be friendly, make eye contact and be useful.

Examples for how to ‘Be There’ included:Give the customer your undivided attention, be helpful and make them feel special.

And finally, for ‘Choose Your Attitude’, the group decided upon:Create positivity within yourself, and think about what you can control versus what you cannot.Try not to worry about the things you cannot control!

Photo of William and Sue playing Fish

It was a very positive activity and I think we all found it uplifting and inspiring.Although none of our participants will be throwing fish on their placements, the principles that the Seattle market workers show are transferable so can be used in any workplace to improve the working environment, and customer satisfaction.

Many thanks once again to Ollie, Ana and Mitie for all their help this week, and over the whole ecdp Works cycle. 

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