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Mon, 07/07/2014 - 08:40 -- lmay

In this blog post, we’re going to give you an insight into what the participants on our flagship programme, ecdp Works, thought about their first week of training.

For the first week of the programme, participants were in our Chelmsford offices, developing their skills so that they will be successful in the workplace.

One participant, Lesley, said that this was the ‘best training she’s ever had’. Lesley has found friends in a brilliant group of people looking for work, and information which she is certain to use over the duration of her placement, and further into the future. That sentiment is echoed by many of the participants, not least of all Lewis, who said that this training has allowed the ‘real’ him to flourish. This has allowed him to build skills, and really get to know the other people alongside him on the programme.

Tomorrow, the work placements begin in earnest. Jack has really benefited from the confidence building exercises last week, but thinks that the ‘work placement will be the best’. Guy is another participant that can’t wait to get started with an ‘employer (who) is aware of his condition’.

Rachel Vipond, ecdp Works Project Manager, said that she ‘loved how well the week has gone and how well the cohort has gelled.’ Rachel has also noticed ‘lots of supportive relationships starting to form’ within the group, which will hopefully last after the eight week programme has finished.

Dennis Preston, who delivered training alongside Rachel, has been very impressed by this cohort. The ecdp Works participants have been ‘interested in learning new things and have been open-minded’. ‘They’re amazingly enthusiastic, too!’

Thank you to all of the ecdp Works participants who attended our first week of training. On Tuesday 08 July, you will embark on your six-week work placement with employers across Essex.

Good luck!

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