ecdp CEO, Mike Adams OBE, named as one of the UK’s most influential disabled people

The Disability News Service, an online journal of in-depth reporting on disability issues, has published a list of 100 names of the UK’s most influential disabled people.

The List is designed to rank disabled people in terms of their current influence. It compares the effect influential people have on society, on how we think and feel, on how we live, and on how we are governed.

The List is defined into ten categories:academia/research; activism/campaigning/voluntary sector; arts; business; entertainment; equality/consultancy/access; media; politics; public service; and sport. For those who are influential in more than one area, they have been placed in the category in which they appear to have most impact.

ecdp CEO, Mike Adams, features in second place on the list within the activism/campaigning/voluntary sector section.

Photo of Mike Adams, ecdp CEO

‘The List, published by Disability News Service, is a celebration of what disabled people can do. Many disabled people are able to influence society and bring about real change, and it is an honour to be recognised as one of these people.’ Mike Adams OBE, CEO of ecdp

The List is intended to spark discussion among disabled people about those who are on it, and those who are not.

Find out more about the list on the Disability News Service website

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