NHS Chief Simon Stevens announces direct funding to patients for their health care

Following the announcement last week by NHS Chief Simon Stevens, a brand new plan called the Integrated Personal Commissioning Programme (IPC) has been developed, which allows patients for the first time to have blended comprehensive health and social care funding at their disposal. This allows them to direct where the money is to be used in relation to their needs.

Ahead of the game ecdp has been delivering this mixed method for some time. By identifying this key partnership between health and social care, ecdp has been able to create a direct response to this need in a number of ways.

Firstly, by arranging Personal Health Budget (PHB) workshops across Essex and Hertfordshire, which is required when applying for funding. This is run in partnership with the NHS Central Eastern Commissioning Support Unit and local Clinical Commissioning Groups. ecdp is facilitating PHB Peer Development Groups tailored to ensure people who want to access personal health budgets receive the help and support they need to make this happen. ecdp have also contributed to, and continue to support, the NHS Midlands and Eastern region PHB professional development programme.

ecdp has always been the at the cutting edge of personalisation and we now have the opportunity to support more people in health through Personal Health Budgets. It is about changing lives.’ William Snagge, Director of Policy and Development, ecdp

‘As an ex-director of nursing and now working with ecdp I can see first hand how Personal Health Budgets can transform the quality of support for patients and how ecdp’s peer support can add real value to this process.’ Jenny Minihane, Independent Health Consultant

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