ecdp Works – Thirty second snapshots

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 14:16 -- lmay

by Louise Treen, ecdp Communications Assistant

Louise, Communications AssistantWe’re currently in cycle four of the latest ecdp Works programme and as a new member of the ecdp team I spent an afternoon with the participants on a group exercise.

The task was for each person to present a thirty second professional snapshot (as taught by Dennis Preston) of who they are, where they currently are on their career path, and how to ask someone to further assist their steps up to the next level, in terms of career opportunities or introductions.

The range of skills, experience and knowledge that was portrayed was impressive.Each person delivered a well executed introduction which was uniquely personal; there were anecdotes, personal histories and real depth of feeling with each speaker.

With guidance from the networking coach Dennis, I was struck by how confident everyone came across whilst talking about their roles in their placements.Having that current work experience allowed people to fine tune their skills into real situations, and I felt each person had a sense of accomplishment and pride that had been lacking before starting the placements.

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