A new exciting sports initiative - The Inclusive Community Training Programme has launched

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) has teamed up with Sainsbury’s Active Kids to create the All Inclusive Community Training Programme.

This is a low cost training initiative which has been developed to create new opportunities for disabled people of all ages to access physical activity and sport.

The programme is specifically designed for individuals who directly support disabled people in the community but are not already involved in delivering sports based activities. For example, parents, carers, support workers, volunteers and healthcare professionals.

The Inclusive Community Training Programme is a unique development opportunity that aims to increase skills, know-how and confidence in delivering sports based activities to disabled people. The training consists of a three hour practical workshop, supported by online material and costs just £10 per participant, although subsidies may apply.

The programme is being delivered across England and will provide training to 10,000 individuals by October 2016.

Already, over 200 people have attended a workshop and feedback has included:

• “It changed my views and interest to try and be more involved with creating physical activity opportunities for disabled people” Support worker.

• “Necessary training to equip you to support disabled service users to attend physical activity sessions” Support worker.

• “This training is something that everyone who works with disabled people should go to” Volunteer.

If you would like some further information then please contact email AK4A@efds.co.uk

Download the leaflet

To talk to someone please call 01509 227751

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