Papworth Trust want to hear your views

Papworth Trust want to hear your views on disability benefits

The Government has recently opened two independent reviews on disability benefits.The first review of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will look at how the new benefit is working in its first 12 months.The other review is the fifth and final look at the test for Employment and Support Allowance - the Work Capability Assessment.Papworth Trust would like to hear your experiences of applying for either benefit.

More about the PIP Review

An independent review of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) has opened.The Papworth Trust policy team would like to hear from you if you have gone through the process and have had an assessment.It does not matter if you have not received a decision as it is more important for us to hear about the process overall.

Papworth Trust would like to hear about:

  • The process itself:was it easy to make a claim?Did you understand what was asked for on the forms?
  • The assessment:did you have a face to face assessment?Was it in your home or in an assessment centre?How was the assessment?
  • Have you received a decision and do you feel it’s the right decision for you?

These are just some of the areas Papworth Trust would like to talk to you about, so please feel free to get in touch.Your story may be used in our response as a case study but everyone can remain anonymous.

More about the WCA Review

Papworth Trust would like to hear from people who have been or are going through the Work Capability Assessment.Whether your experience was good or bad, they would like to hear your feedback.This year’s review looks particularly at the experiences of young people aged 16-24, and people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions.However, they would like your views even if you’re not in these groups.

How to give feedback

If you’d like an opportunity to tell Papworth Trust and the Government about your experience of PIP or the WCA and what you’d like to change (or to keep!) then you can email Papworth Trust directly.

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