Catching up with Lesley at the end of her placement

Mon, 08/18/2014 - 10:32 -- lmay

In this blog, Lesley updates us all on her journey so far, in her own words...

First of all, I can't believe our time is nearly up in the placements!

How quickly time has flown.

I am at Great Dunmow Police Station, which is now more of a centre for various departments that moved over from HQ in Chelmsford.

Originally I was to work upstairs in the main offices, but due to my mobility and Health and Safety issues this was not possible.So downstairs I went to the Records Office.

This is very interesting, as all police records on all crime, for the whole of Essex, are sent here.My job has been to 'weed' records from 2006.

I spend my day in an air conditioned office and go through files and put into three categories.Serious crime, intermediate crime and basic crime.The basic files are destroyed, the others are kept for future use.

The files are then indexed and moved on, to be stored centrally.This may sound mundane to some people, but I love it.

Whilst here, my mental and physical strengths have grown, and my organisational skills haven't left me, which helps a lot.

I feel alive, and I have a purpose again.I’m looking forward to the final week, back at ecdp for a week of training, and to catch-up properly with the rest of the cohort!

Then who knows what the future holds?

Thanks to ecdp

and Shaw trust for giving me this opportunity to get back into the real world again.

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