Do you travel by rail within London? If so, have your say on accessibility by completing the survey commissioned by research charity Rica

Rica is an independent research charity that works with older and disabled people. They have been commissioned by ATOC (the Association of Train Operating Companies) to look at how disabled people travel by rail within London.

Specifically, they are conducting a survey of people who make rail journeys without booking assistance in advance. They want to hear from people who travel between certain London stations. For full details on these stations please email Rica

They’re looking for feedback from disabled people who:

• Travel by rail within London. They’re researching the National Rail network, not the Underground or light-rail services like the Overground and DLR

• Receive assistance from rail staff without booking this assistance in advance

If you already make this kind of journey, they would like you to give survey feedback on any individual journeys that you make over the summer.

Surveys can be filled in online or by contacting Rica by phone. For more information about giving feedback, please visit the website

If anyone has issues accessing the web based questionnaire they are welcome to call Rica instead on 020 7427 2460 during the hours of 9am - 5pm, weekdays, and complete the survey over the phone.

More about this research

Current policy across all train operators is that passengers are recommended to book at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee assistance.

ATOC is evaluating the potential for a ‘turn up and go’ service at particular London stations, which would mean that disabled passengers would not have to book assistance. This research aims to find out how often people already make journeys without booking assistance, and how well these journeys work.

The research will help ATOC to find out whether a ‘turn up and go’ service could be implemented in London.

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