Dave W's story

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 13:36 -- lmay

By Patrick Atack, ecdp Communications Volunteer

I sat down with Dave to talk about his work experience placement, which actually happened at ecdp HQ. Here is his story...

'This placement has proven that I can still do it all.'

Dave worked in the finance department of ecdp. He has many years experience in this area, but hasn’t worked for the past ten years. Because of this, he had been told that he wouldn’t be suitable for work in this area again, due to the advances in technology. He found his work experience very refreshing, as this placement allowed him to get to grips with the changes that have happened in timesheets and payment technology.

But Dave didn’t feel like this was a problem, and as he put it, 'the buttons may have changed a bit, but they’re the same buttons. It might take me half an hour to get used to a new system or software package, but this placement has proven that I can still do it all.'

Photo of Dave Wiltshire

This reassured Dave of his capabilities, but also allowed him to feel like part of a team. Overall, the placement gave Dave the confidence he might have been lacking, and with that confidence, he’s really looking forward to applying for jobs as soon as possible.

Looking to the future, Dave wants to volunteer as much as possible in the near future, and has even been looking into volunteering with the finance department at ecdp. Most importantly though, he now has the confidence and renewed assurance of the skills he needs to look for a permanent, paid position.

Although his experience has previously been in manufacturing industries, and that is where Dave would love to work again, he is determined to cast his net far and wide, to look for any employment opportunities in the finance sector that he can find.

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