Jody's story

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 13:47 -- lmay

By Patrick Atack, ecdp Communications Volunteer

I met with Jody to talk about his work experience placement with Essex Police. Here is his story...

Jody has already secured an interview following completion of the ecdp Works programme.

Jody spent his placement with Essex Police, and specifically with the Evidential Media Unit. This involved dealing with evidence, and processing the multimedia side of this important work. This often meant taking pictures, and processing images from CCTV and other sources.

Jody excelled with this work, and one of the images that he was responsible for was selected to be used on the Essex Police webpage.

On the Wednesday of the final week of training at ecdp HQ, the focus was on interviews and interview techniques. This was really important for all the ecdp Works participants, but arguably even more so for Jody…he had already been selected for an interview at Essex Police, with the same department he had his placement with. In fact, he had to leave early to attend a 'mock' interview organised by the Police HR department, in order to prepare him for the real thing. 

It’s been fantastic to see how well all of the participants have done during their placements, and how their confidence has improved.

Jody is a brilliant example of this, as he told the group that despite his educational qualifications, he has previously worried about how helpful they actually are, in getting work. In his own words, 'knowing what a load of dead German men thought might not actually impress employers'. However, as his success has shown over the past eight weeks, employers do care about enthusiastic employees, who work hard, and do the job well.

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