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In December 2013 ‘The Disability and Health Employment Strategy (DHES): the discussion so far, (2013)’ was published. It sets out the Government's proposals for improving employment support for disabled people and those with health conditions, including a new ‘Gateway’ to specialist employment services.

The Gateway tool will ask questions that focus on individuals’ beliefs about their employment goal or direction, returning to work, and performing a job successfully. The output will aim to enable a more effective delivery of employment support for disabled people and people with health conditions, who value getting the right employment support at the right time (DHES 2013).

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is now in the process of developing the questions that will contribute to the Gateway. An important part of the development of draft questions is a field trial to obtain user and stakeholder views to ensure that the items are accessible, clear, easy to complete and provide meaningful feedback.

Take part in the trial

DWP are now trialing the new tool that aims to help disabled people and people with health conditions progress to employment and access the support they need at the right time. As part of this, they would like to field test their questionnaire with disabled people. The employment tool is a questionnaire of between 15 and 20 questions.

In November, ecdp will be hosting feedback sessions for disabled people in Essex.  By supporting DWP to speak to local disabled people, we hope it will benefit everyone who is trying to use DWP services to gain support to get into work in future.

What will happen

  • You will visit ecdp HQ in Chelmsford, Essex, and meet with a DWP Registered Occupational Psychologist in a one-to-one meeting
  • You will read the questionnaire, and give your feedback to the DWP Registered Occupational Psychologist
  • All information recorded by the DWP Registered Occupational Psychologist will remain anonymous including your name
  • The meeting will take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, although it could take less time
  • You will be asked about readability, clarity, how easy it is to understand and complete (the response format), the time needed to complete the items and whether you think you might need assistance
  • You will complete a consent form, to say that you are happy for DWP to use your feedback in this trial


You can attend a one-to-one feedback session on Monday 03 November 2014. When you book, we can find a time convenient for you.


ecdp, Ivan Peck House, Ground Floor, 1 Russell Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3AA

Book a one-to-one feedback session

To book your individual feedback session, please contact ecdp.

Email conferencing@ecdp.org.uk

Call 01245 392300

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