Third national Personal Budget survey published

Earlier this year, ecdp was invited by Essex County Council to conduct a major piece of research on people’s experience of personal budgets.

Over a three month period we surveyed 500 citizens of Essex who use, or care for an individual that uses, a personal budget to support their health or social care needs. The full national results have now been published.

A key finding was that those who find the process of getting and managing a personal budget easy, are nearly three times more likely to report good outcomes in terms of health and social needs being met, than those that do not find the process easy.

Two thirds of people surveyed nationally also reported that a personal budget had made things ‘better or a lot better’ when it came to independence, arranging support, mental health, control over their life, feeling safe, relationships with family and people paid to support them, friendships and self-esteem.

ecdp is committed to the ongoing development of innovative services, to ensure people have not just the choice, but also a quality experience, in choosing to have a personal budget.

About the survey

In Control, Lancaster University and Think Local Act Personal published the Third National Personal Budget Survey with the experiences of more than 4,000 people with personal budgets and their carers in October 2014.

The report focuses on the use of personal budgets in adult social services and health across England and is the largest survey to date looking at the impact that personal budgets are having on people's lives.

The report is based on the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET) which has been developed by In Control and Lancaster University over the past 10 years as a way to measure what's working and what's not when it comes to personal budgets and personalised care and support. It was originally for use in adult social care but has now been developed for use in health, children's services and education. A version for providers is also in development.

Find out more and download the report from the In Control website

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