Blue Badge Holders exempt from Dart Charge scheme

On 30 November the new payment arrangements at the Dartford Crossing will come into effect. This means that from 6am on Sunday 30 November there will no longer be any pay stations at the barriers.

The start of the main road works to remove the booths and introduce a new road layout will take place in late November with the completion set for spring 2015.


Vehicles currently legally exempt from paying the crossing charge will continue to be exempt.

This includes vehicles exempt from paying Vehicle Excise Duty because they are used by or for disabled person(s). The full list of exemptions is described in legislation.

The Highways Agency is working with the DVLA to identify vehicles registered as exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty automatically.

If you wish to be exempt from toll charges you need to ring 0300 300 0120 and register.

The fine for not being registered and crossing the bridge without payment is £70.

Visit the Dart Charge web page for further information.

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