Every Vote Counts

The website is designed to provide easy to understand information on voting and politics.

While it is primarily aimed at those with learning disabilities, it may be useful to those with a lower level of literacy or to people with English as a second language.

Easy Read The majority of the content on the website is in Easy Read. United Response is an expert at creating Easy Read material.

Easy Read uses plain English and short sentences to explain a topic or statement. This approach makes even complex concepts easier to understand.

Each sentence is matched up with an image that helps convey the meaning. Sometimes Easy Read uses illustrations and sometimes it uses photography of real people, but all the images are simple and clear.

Sometimes video and audio might also be added to make Easy Read even more accessible.

Producing Easy Read material is part of the commitment to accessibility and to promoting the equality of people with learning disabilities.

Website accessibility

All content on the website is compliant to AA WAI accessibility standards with particular attention paid to navigating the site via screen reader, with large text or by keyboard.

Visit the website for further information.

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