ecdp Works in the beginning - Cycle 1, day 1

Today saw the launch of ecdp’s unique work experience and training programme for disabled people. 15 people - some who have been out of work since acquiring an impairment, others who have newly finished their education and who have never worked before - attended the first day of training, here at ecdp’s offices.

The training will last all week, before the individuals begin a 6 week work placement, commencing next week. 

Through the programme we want to ensure disabled people are able to demonstrate and apply their skills, and gain valuable experience for their CVs. The programme is funded by JobCentre Plus and we recruited the 15 people at different stages in their employment and disability journey through Disability Employment Advisers based in JobCentres across Essex.

The participants have a range of skills and experience, so this training week will support them to apply this during their work placements and in the longer term, in the jobs they aim to secure.

ecdp’s Director of Insight, Paschal Kane, welcomed participants and explained how the programme came about. He congratulated them on securing a place on the scheme, which was oversubscribed.

The ecdp Works participants introduced themselves, and talked about what they hoped to get out of completing the programme. Aside from the common response; ‘I want to get a job!’, people also hoped to improve their confidence, get experience and training and to meet new people.

People had very different reasons for wanting a job, including wanting to put back into society through taxes, having a sense of responsibility and freedom.

In the afternoon each ecdp Works participant created a ‘personality tree’, reflecting some of things which are most important to them, their goals, achievements and relationships. We will be revisiting these throughout the programme.

At the end of the day there was much excitement as the ecdp Works participants opened envelopes revealing where they will be undertaking their work placements, in a range of businesses across Essex.

Here you can listen to Leanne talking about her ecdp Works experience so far, and opening her work envelope to find out she will be working at Gateway 95.8fm radio.

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