ecdp Works session day with our sponsors Mitie

Tue, 03/24/2015 - 15:39 -- Anonymous

By Ian Dean

Today the sessions were hosted by Tom and Ana from mitie, and they immediately endeared themselves to us by putting sweets on each table. They were very friendly and seemed very approachable, a fact that made it easier to participate in the session.

First Tom took us through the 3 'V's' of communication:

  • Verbal
  • Vocal 
  • Visual

Interestingly, Tom told us that our Visual communication, that is how we look, our actions and our expression, makes up 55% of any communication. Vocal amounts to 38%, which means Verbal only carries 7% of any communication. Not only are your visual cues more important, but a person will have made their first and most important impression within 10 seconds of meeting you.

Ana then took us through several ways we can build up our resilience, by improving our physical energy, mental focus, emotional connections, and spiritual allignment. As a person with Chronic Fatigue I found the bit about physical energy most interesting.

After lunch we went through integrity in the workplace, then how to deal with complaints. Though I would have considered it all common sense, I was surprised at just how many issues businesses run into with their customer services. 


At the end of the day we each picked a card to express how we were feeling. With my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I was feeling exhausted, so I opted for the 'perserverance' card, as despite my tiredness I am still going, and I intend to keep on going for the full 8 weeks.

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