Report: Access to Long-term Unemployment – or Access to Work?

A short report on the Government’s Access to Work programme, why it is failing many disabled people, and what can be done so that disabled people can get into work, stay in work and thrive in work published March 2015.

What is Access to Work?

Access to Work was launched in June 1994 and is a programme run by the Department for Work and Pensions that provides grants that can pay for practical support for people who have a disability, physical or mental health condition to:

• start working

• stay in work

• move into self-employment or start a business

The programme covers support such as a communicator, support worker, advocate, sign language interpreter; help towards travel costs; specialist equipment, or alterations to the workplace to make it more accessible. How much people get depends on their circumstances.

The report was sent last week to key politicians (Ministers and Shadows for Disabled People and also Employment Ministers). There have been a few responses, including from DWP wanting to talk more about it.

ecdp contributed to the report and Mike Adams, CEO of ecdp is quoted in the Executive Summary:

‘We are disappointed that some of our specific recommendations that we believe would have helped double the numbers of disabled people helped have not happened, despite being accepted by government; and we are concerned that no political party has yet committed to doubling the numbers in the next parliament’

Read the full report as a Word document.

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