Independent Support Planning Service

I didn’t realise I was entitled to this help and I think its going to make my life much easier

ECDP offers a unique independent support planning service to anyone who has had an assessment or a review by Essex County Council. 

We have a small team of support planners who will guide people through the development and completion of their support plan.  Our support planners will ensure that the right level of support is included to enable the person to have a support plan that will translate into them being able to live the life they would want to.  ECDP’s aim is to enhance the every day lives of disabled and older people in Essex, so in doing a support plan our aims are the same as those of the person that the plan is about.

The Plan

The support plan ‘belongs’ to the person who it is about and so is ‘owned’ by that person.  The person can choose the level of support they require, this can range from telephone support through to a home visit to facilitate and prepare their support plan.  A completed support plan is only ever submitted to the County Council with the full agreement and approval of the person it is about, ECDP does not make that decision. Support plans are very much about the person they are written about and will clearly show how the needs of the person will be met but, in particular, they should show that the needs are met in the way the person wants to meet them. The plan should give the reader a complete picture of the person they are about and what their hopes and aspirations are to have the life they desire.

How it works

ECDP will receive a referral from Essex County Council and then ECDP swings into action!  We will have a look at the assessment and see which support planner might suit the person best.  The person can, if they wish, ask for a specific planner and we will try and accommodate that request.  The support planner will then make contact with the person and discuss the way forward.  Would the person like to do this over the phone?  Or would a home visit be better?  Whichever level of support is chosen the support planner will then begin the process of helping the person to write their support plan. 

What is on offer

Our experienced support planners are able to offer

  • Understanding, knowledge and advice gained through experience (both personal and professional)
  • Unbiased advice and support
  • Time and support for the person to explore the options they might want to consider
  • Respect that the person will know best about how their support needs will be met
  • Confidentiality, with nothing going into the support plan without the person’s agreement
  • Communication, regularly keeping the person abreast of the progress of the plan once submitted to Essex County Council

For self funders (not eligible for social care funding)

ECDP can offer telephone support to assist with the creation of a support plan

On completion

Once the support plan is completed in the way the person likes and is happy with, ECDP will then submit the plan to Essex County Council for validation.  This is when ECDP’s work is done, once the plan is validated we have done our job and the person can go on to live the life they planned according to their hopes and aspirations as in their support plan.


ECDP is keen to receive feedback about the person’s experience of the support planning process they have been through, we seek this feedback via our feedback form which we send to each person we have assisted.  The feedback we receive helps us to improve and enhance the services that we provide.

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