Who we are

ecdp is a pioneering organisation run by disabled people, for disabled people

We deliver a range of services and award winning programmes which enhance the everyday lives of disabled people across the UK. We involve and engage disabled people in all that we do, ensuring that their voice continues to be heard.

ecdp is a Disabled People's User Led Organisation (a DPULO).

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What underpins and informs everything we do is the Social Model of Disability. This model concentrates on making society more accessible for disabled people by looking at what it is that disables them, rather than by concentrating on their impairment. We do not accept discrimination in our work on the grounds of disability, race, age, sexual orientation, gender or religion and we will challenge it if it occurs, at an individual or organisational level. We aim to positively promote equality on these grounds.

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Mike Adams

 In 2012 our work was recognised by award of an OBE to our long standing Chief Executive Officer, Mike Adams in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list.

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ecdp Board of Trustees


Photograph of Ann Nutt, ecdp TrusteeAnn Nutt: Vice Chair

Ann was a founding member of ecdp.

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Photograph of Brian Goodwin, ecdp Trustee

Brian Goodwin: Honorary Treasurer

Brian has many years experience in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

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Photograph of Steve Carey, ecdp TrusteeSteve Carey: Trustee

For the last eighteen years, Steve has been a manager at a local Higher Education institution, involved in a number of commercial activities.

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Photograph of Pat Gaudin, ecdp Vice Chair of Board of Trustees

Pat Gaudin: Trustee                                                      

Pat has over thirty years' experience working in local government and local public services.

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Photograph of Tony Cox, Trustee of ecdp Board of TrusteesTony Cox: Trustee

Tony says he has been trying to improve health and social care services for more than twenty years; and he hasn’t given up yet.

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