ecdp accessible communications statement


Essex Coalition of Disabled People (ecdp) is committed to enhancing the everyday lives of disabled people. Our values include being inclusive and responsive in the work we do. 

We want disabled people – our members, our clients, our stakeholders – to be able to access the information we provide. We also want disabled people to be able to communicate with us in a way that suits their needs.

This accessible communications statement is one way that we make our vision and values a reality. This document therefore explains our approach to accessible communications, and what disabled people can expect from us.

Principles of our approach

ecdp will:

  1. Ensure disabled people can access information in the most appropriate and reasonable way for them 
  2. Let people know about the existence of this policy, enabling them to request information as required.
  3. Allocate appropriate resources to the delivery of this policy
  4. Secure best value for money in delivering this policy, by using preferred providers wherever possible, and making reasonable decisions about what formats to commission and when
  5. Regularly monitor and review our communications, and change them as necessary.

What does this policy cover?

Our accessible communications policy covers:

  • Printed information and documents available to the general public
  • Our website – 

Please note this statement does not cover translation into foreign languages.

Standard format

ecdp will provide as standard all information in Arial, size 14pt font. This will be for all printed and electronic information.

What information will ecdp produce in alternative formats?

  1. ecdp will produce summaries of all our major publications (e.g. our Strategic Plan, our annual impact reports) that are aimed at or of interest to disabled people in accessible pdf format, Easy Read and audio as standard. These formats will be made available on our website.  The summaries of these publications will be made available in other formats (such as Braille and large print) upon request.
  2. All other ecdp information (such as membership or information about our services) will be made available in accessible formats (Easy Read, Braille, audio, large print, accessible pdf format) upon request.

How to make a request for accessible communications

All requests for accessible communications are coordinated through our Office Supervisor, Yvonne Harris. Yvonne can be contacted in the following ways:

01245 392 300


01245 392 302

Ivan Peck House
1 Russell Way

Through the Office Supervisor, we will:

  • Provide an initial response to any request for accessible information within 5 working days
  • Try to provide any accessible information requested within 28 days

Monitoring of the accessible communications policy

Every 3 months, we will monitor the following information to help us understand the accessible communications requirements of disabled people:

  • A list of documents produced in alternative formats
  • The number of alternative format publications supplied
  • The number of requests for alternative formats 
  • The cost of the above.

By monitoring the above, will be in a better position to proactively and appropriately meet the demand for accessible communications.


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