Personal Health Budgets

ecdp's work with Personal Health Budgets - providing choice and control

What is a Personal Health Budget?

A Personal Health Budget is a budget planned and agreed by you, your representative and your local NHS team, to support your identified healthcare and wellbeing needs. 

Choice and Control

Personal Health Budgets are a different way of accessing health care services and support. They give you much more choice and control over how your health needs are met by enabling you to use NHS money in new and creative ways, which are aligned with your clinically assessed needs.

The support you want to buy or the services you choose may differ quite considerably from those traditionally provided by the NHS. For example, if you need paid support for personal care you may prefer to employ your own personal assistants instead of using a nursing agency.

Who can have a Personal Health Budget?

The first group to receive Personal Health Budgets is adults receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare, which is NHS-funded long-term health and personal care provided outside hospital. Children who are eligible for continuing care also have a right to have a Personal Health Budget.

Local NHS organisations are also free to offer Personal Health Budgets to other people if they think an individual will benefit. It is the government’s long-term aim to introduce a right to a Personal Health Budget for anyone who will benefit from one. 

There are four components to ecdp's work with Personal Health Budgets.

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Further information

ecdp has worked with NHS partners in Essex and Hertfordshire to develop leaflets which explain the Personal Health Budget journey and how it may affect people.

 Front cover image of PHB leaflet 2014

Read 'Personal Health Budgets - taking control of your health' booklet (PDF Version)

Read the Easy Read Personal Health Budget document

The NHS Choices web site also contains a raft of information on Personal Health Budgets

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