Support planning

At ecdp we can enable you to live the life you want, it all starts with a carefully developed support plan. 

What is a support plan?


Essex County Council defines a support plan as:

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‘A detailed plan that tells us about you as an individual and how you would like to use your budget to support your needs’

If you receive a direct payment then you will need a support plan to show how you will use this money to help you meet your needs and live a better life. ecdp support plans are all about you. They give a complete picture of the hopes and aspirations you have for your quality of life and allow you to plan your own route to achieving this better quality of life.

What do you get?


Our experienced support planners provide:

  • Understanding, knowledge and advice gained through experience (both personal and professional)
  • Respect; (You know best about how your support needs will be met and we don’t pretend otherwise)
  • Confidentiality; (nothing goes into the support plan without your agreement)
  • Regular communication, keeping you up-to-date on the progress of the plan 

Once your plan is validated by a local authority you can go on to live the life you planned according to the hopes and aspirations in your plan. For a better understanding of our support planning service please view our support plan templates which are available to download

Why use an ecdp support plan?


Since our support planning service was introduced to Essex in 2009 we have supported over 1,000 disabled people to create their support plans. An exceptional 92% of our support plans are accepted by Essex County Council first time. We cover all of Essex and we will help anyone with any disability. We also offer our service to self-funders.

Here is what people are saying about our support planning service:

  • ‘My support planner was extremely supportive, helpful, understanding and helped me to explain my feelings in a way that would be understood’
  • 'I thought my support planner understood the impact of living with a disability. She had a brilliant mind for all aspects and practicalities of which disabled persons needs require. I was so grateful my support planner was able to come and help me as I wouldn’t/couldn’t have done this without her. Our combined knowledge meant the best of both worlds were able to put together a REAL plan of practicality to be able to live a semi normal life whilst being disabled'
  • 'Having someone with knowledge review the draft plan was very helpful at the beginning of any process its confusing and you feel unsure. My support planner reviewed the plan and enhanced it'
  • 'My support planner listened to my needs and wishes and the support plan identifies how to meet these needs. It was nice just to talk and have someone listen who was able to understand how my disabilities affect my life and how I wish to do more to keep what I have and be enabled to do things rather than have things done to me which makes me less active mentally and physically'

If you’re having a social care review and need to create or amend your support plan, ask your key worker to refer you to ecdp. We’ll ensure your support plan works for you…

Call 01245 392300

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